Monday, October 22, 2012

In the Art Room - Aboriginal Art

Since the 6th grades study the reasons art has been made throughout time, I thought I would follow up their Egyptian art lesson with an Aboriginal art lesson.  I really liked the contrast of having one culture whose artwork was clearly left in the ancient world and another culture who still creates artwork in the style of their ancestors.  This was a quick project - completed in just one day.  To keep the emphasis on technique and style, I gave the kids tracers to use. 


  1. I always love teaching Aboriginal art to the kids...and they always love it! Last year when I did a similar projects, I let the kids use fluorescent paint instead of earthy colors just for something different. The fact that they finished this in one period is great, even with the stencils! How do you present Aboriginal art to the kids and how long are your classes that they were able to do this?

    1. My class periods are 45 minutes long. I gave about 5 key points I wanted them to know about Aboriginal art and then we had a quick compare/contrast discussion of Aboriginal art vs. Ancient Egyptian art while I passed out the supplies. I always time their steps which helps to keep them moving. For example they had three minutes to choose a tracer and trace their image, 5 minutes for red paint, 5 minutes for yellow paint, etc. I have a digital timer projected on the board and I think it's the BEST tool at keeping the kids on task!

  2. This was a quick project - completed in just one day.
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