Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What the Kinders have been up to

When I started teaching I had A LOT of kids in the lower grades who just did not like art and I didn't get it.  They were pessimistic about their work before they even started!  I worked so hard to get those kids to just give it a chance.  Now I start each year instilling a love of art in my littlest artists, the Kinders.  I really want them to enjoy coming to art and creating a masterpiece each week so I start every class with "Art is so easy and art is so fun!".  I've found those two phrases set the tone for the whole year!

Anyhoo, my Kinders have started the year in the same way most of yours probably have with color, shape and line projects.  So far, we've done a primary color seahorse, mouse color wheel, an owl drawing and a scarecrow.  And they LOVE everything they make. 

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