Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In the Art Room - ROYGBV Cakes

Kindergarten through third grade is reviewing the color spectrum.  Here are the 1st graders ROYGBV cakes.  I love them!  They are so bright and happy!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

In the Art Room - 1st Grade Cityscapes

This was a review of warm and cool color, a introduction to different "scape" paintings, and a drawing lesson all in one.  Since this lesson, I have seen a lot of buildings pop up in the 1st graders free draw work so I guess they really liked it!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

In the Art Room - Op Art

Op Art is a lesson I do every year with the 7th grades, but it was getting a little stale for me.  This year I deviated from my old lesson, and tried a new one I found on Pinterest.  It looked so easy, but boy did my kids have a hard time with it!  I used my usual 12 x 18 paper, but I suggest using a smaller paper so the kids can finish in one class period. 
Here's my standard lesson from years past:

In the Art Room - Blue Dog

I always teach Blue Dog around the KInder's 100 day mark since Georges Rodrigue painted hundreds of blue dogs!  It's one of my favorite lessons to teach.  I ask the kids before we begin how they think artists come up with their subjects and they're usually stumped! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In the Art Room - Kinder Castles

While looking at Miss. Young's blog I saw these easy castles that incorporated so many of the skills we're working on in Kindergarten like geometric and organic shapes, directional line, background and subject, and how to create different shades of color by varying pressure with the crayons.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In the Art Room - Monochromatic

These pictures don't do the project justice because they turned out great!  I bought poster size paper that was quartered with four shades of one color.  The kids were each given one poster size sheet and asked to complete ANY kind of monochromatic composition they wished.

In the Art Room - Victorian House Bust

This is my second year doing these with the 4th grades and I think last year's were much better.  Rather than have them paint a simple background, this year I asked them to cut them out and paste to black paper.  They just don't seem to pop like the first go round did.

This year's:
Last year's:

In the Art Room - Kinder Cows

I love these cows!  This was such an easy lesson too on geometric and organic shapes.  I gave them an organic shape to start with then they followed my directions to draw the rest of the cow.

In the Art Room - Kinder Valentine Desserts

The Kindergartens painted theses HUGE desserts and then embellished with jewels for a special Valentines treat!

In the Art Room - First Grade Snowmen

The first grades were introduced to point of view with these snowmen.  They thought of wonderful stories about who they were and what they were doing laying on the ground and looking up at their snowmen!

In the Art Room - Winter Landscapes

First and Third painted winter landscapes.  First grade painted paper one week with cool colors, then ripped it apart the following week, and glued to a seperate sheet to create a layered background.  Then they tore black paper for trees.
Third grade created a birch tree forest with cool watercolor paints and watered down black paint.