Monday, April 29, 2013

In the Art Room - Quilled Food

This took a long time and A LOT of glue!  The fourth grade had a rocky start but the end results were great.  I think the hardest thing was creating the outline of the food without actually adding in a contour line. 

In the Art Room - Wire Form Figures

This year in addition to the model magic, we added color wire to our figures for a little more variety.  The kids were pretty pleased with the outcome!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How have I never been here before?

Art Teachers Hate Glitter is hilarious and a must read for art teachers!  Recently, my school has been thinking about Specials giving percentage grades.  I just read ATHG's take on it and it's laugh out loud funny!

We don't know how to grade art. It's not like there's an answer key or anything. I hate grading art. It's so dang hard. It's not like I can just whip out that fancy, double ended, red/blue pen you regular classroom teachers love to use and start marking up my students' work. Wouldn't that be lovely? "Ms. ATHG, how come there's all these red circles on my painting?" "Well, Jimmy, those are all the places you neglected to show proper illusion of depth. And those big red arrows are all the places you failed to show good craftsmanship. And the big red check marks? Well, those I just added for the sake of variety and visual balance, something you obviously don't understand, as I indicated through my use of the big red underlines."

Visit her blog for some real life, real FUNNY, art teacher moments!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

In the Art Room - Pinterest Inspired Giants

The third grades really enjoyed these!  I found the inspiration on Pinterest (Donna Staten, I'm sure!).  We reviewed perspective and then drew together.  They finished with crayons, watercolor, and tempera.

In the Art Room - Rose Still Life

Wow, did this take a LONG time!  It's a good thing I invested in silk rose bunches at the craft store because I would have spent a fortune buying fresh roses each week for this project!!!  Each bunch had a closed bud, a half open bud, and one fully opened bloom. We spent the first week sketching from pictures of roses, the second week sketching from life, the third and fourth weeks working on the final piece, and the fifth week we painted.