Thursday, October 27, 2011

In the Art Room - Perspective

My fifth grades always begin the year with one point perspective. I feel like this year was not quite as successful as years past.  The lesson seemed rushed, I had several new students that were not working on the same level as the rest of the kids (who I've taught since Kindergarten!), and the kids just didn't seem that interested over all.  Here are a few that turned out well.  This lesson will need to be re-worked for next year!

  If you're interested in a great one point perspective handout, check out Sanford A Lifetime of Color.  Or see below.

Draw a horizon line.

Make a vanishing point.

Draw a square or rectangle.

Draw orthogonals from shape corners to vanishing point..
Draw a horizontal line to end your form.

Draw a vertical line to make the form's side.

erase the orthogonals

Draw another form! Add windows and doors.
Try a lower horizon line.

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