Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In the Art Room - Illuminated Letters

Our sixth graders celebrate Medieval Day every Spring.  To help decorate we make illuminated letters in art class.  I've tweaked this lesson from year to year, but I keep the same overall rules.  First, we investigate what an illuminated letter is, who made them, when they made them, and why they made them.  Then I give each child an alphabet written in a Gothic type and they can choose one of their initials for their letter.  Behind their letter, incorporated into their letter, or overlapping their letter they had to add an image reminiscent of the Middle Ages.  Some options were flowers, vines, dragons, knights or swords.  They did a great job:


Here are a couple great variations from other art bloggers:
Mrs. Art Teacher used metal for her letters.

Vivid Layers used watercolors to create their letters.

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