Thursday, March 31, 2011

In the Art Room - One Point Perspective

We spend at least two quarters, if not more, on perspective in the fifth grade.  The kids start bringing sketchbooks to art for the first time in fifth grade and we put them to use immediately for these lessons!  They are always amazed at how cities and landscapes are shaped using a vanishing point and a horizon line.  I rotate form year to year between drawing a hallway, a city, and a room in one point perspective for their first lesson.  This year we did hallways and they were fantastic!


There were several components each hallway had to have.  They all needed to be in one point perspective of course.  They needed to end at a doorway that opened out to somewhere else, they all needed either a patterned floor or a carpet, they needed at least one door in the hall, they needed one light fixture on the ceiling, and the needed to have an offshoot hallway.  They did a great job!

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